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Please note that the RSVP program with NETS has ceased as of 31 October 2023

NOTE: All unredeemed or expired credits are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE

Any further clarifications, please reach out to with your 16-digits CAN number.

rsvp card.png

Please read the terms & conditions before considering getting the card or to top-up your RSVP credits with us

1. How do I use Coffee & Toast RSVP NETS FlashPay Card?

Top-up your Coffee & Toast RSVP card or your own NETS FlashPay card at any of our cashier counter. 

  • Coffee & Toast RSVP Dollars is accepted at all the brands within Coffee & Toast Group and not for outside spending (e.g. public transport/NETS FlashPay wallet) 
    (Coffee & Toast, Kaffe & Toast, Saap Saap Thai, Ma Mum & Ma Mum to-go)

  • Not valid in conjunction with other promotions/staff discount/privileges 

2. Where can I purchase my Coffee & Toast Group RSVP NETS FlashPay card and top-up my Coffee & Toast Group dollars?

You may purchase our Coffee & Toast NETS FlashPay card at selected outlets stated for $3.50 and redeem a free drink of your choice. No free drink will be given to those who use their own NETS FlashPay card. 

RSVP dollar top-up can ONLY be performed at the cashier point located at any Coffee & Toast Group outlets.


3. What is the mode of payment accepted for the top-up?

We only accept Cash and NETS for all outlets, Visa/Master for certain outlets. 


RSVP credits & in-house vouchers will not be able to use to re-top up card value. 

4. How long is the validity of my Coffee & Toast Group NETS FlashPay card and stored value?

Coffee & Toast NETS FlashPay cards are valid for 7 years from the date of encoding. 

Topped-up RSVP credits are valid for 1 year from the top-up date


You may check the expiry of your credits on the receipt given. If credits are nearing expiry, you may choose to top up new credits to extend existing credits for an additional year from the latest top-up date.

RSVP Receipt Expiry.jpg

Upon expiry of the NETS FlashPay card, you may obtain a refund on any remaining unexpired stored value (NOT RSVP CREDITS) at any Transitlink office. For refund of NETS FlashPay value only, customer may also obtain from automated teller machines (“ATM”). Please refer to for more information. 

5. Can I still use my NETS FlashPay card after the RSVP dollar expires?

Yes, any unexpired stored value in the NETS FlashPay card is usable at the respective parties (i.e. for Transport) 

6. Can I perform NETS FlashPay (Public) top-up or other RSVP top-ups at top-up kiosks at Coffee & Toast Group outlets?

Top-up at Coffee & Toast Group outlets only allow Coffee & Toast Group RSVP transactions, this includes top-ups and card balance enquiries. You will not be able to perform any NETS FlashPay or other merchants' RSVP transactions are not permitted.

7. Can I refund my Coffee & Toast Group card?

Sorry, full refund of the RSVP dollars is not permitted. Bonus value is strictly not refundable as these are extra credits given by Coffee & Toast Group not by NETS. Bonus can only be utilized and will not be refunded. 

8. Can I bring my own NETS FlashPay at Coffee & Toast Group outlets to top-up?

Yes, NETS FlashPay card will be accepted with RSVP logo printed at the back of the card. Free drink will not be given as it is not preloaded in the card.  

9. I misplaced my Coffee & Toast Group NETS FlashPay card, can I deactivate it?

The Coffee & Toast Group RSVP card is deemed non-retrievable once misplaced and there is no refund or deactivation for lost or stolen Coffee & Toast Group cards. 

10. Whom should I approach if I am facing issues with my Coffee & Toast Group card?

Coffee & Toast Group RSVP is a joint program between Coffee & Toast Group and NETS. We seek your kind understanding to give us sufficient time to revert back to your enquiries.

For any matters pertaining to RSVP, you may email us with your CAN ID (16 digits) to

You may visit NETS for more information regarding NETS FlashPay card.

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